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A month ago, I preached a message highlighting what I call a ‘theology of new‘ of how God and humanity are to in many ways to be involved with ‘making all things new’.

The only real ‘new’ thing for me today is I’m not in Montreal with some friends participating in Makers of Fire right now (There was a last minute cancellation of the event).  Instead I’m here surfing the web and blogging.  argh

I did however have an excellent conversation with Yu-Ling who I was suppose to be attending  it with.  More people need to be picking into this guy’s brain.

Now that I feel like I’m not where I’m suppose to be tonight, I’ve make it an excuse to aimlessly squander the night away.

Here’s what’s raising my brow right now…

Mark Driscoll introduces his new site via youtube (I love how it’s got a jail cell atmosphere that reminds me of my church basement).  The site is designed so that you can ask-anything, and Mark will preach on it in a coming series.

A school in Maine is offering girls as young as 11-years old birth control pills

I just bought a moleskine notebook – it seems like there’s quite a number of moleskine fanatics

The new Radiohead album is actually pretty good.  I feel bad now that I only paid a pound for it.

Your favorite WWF stars of the past – where are they now?

Get involved in One Homeless Night – thanks to Yu for the tip.

blogto.com – probably my current favorite blog on the city of Toronto

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  • Yu October 20, 2007, 10:20 pm

    hey man,

    it was good talking – we should do it more.

    re: TO stuff. I check out blogto as well. If you want more urban/community planning, check out spacing.ca

    If you’re looking for literature, I have two books from the uTOpia series that are great – first book is about urban/community planning, second book is about arts, third book is coming out in nov about being green.
    (http://www.chbooks.com/catalogue/index.php?m=author&q=W – look at Wilcox)

  • Lon October 20, 2007, 10:41 pm

    Awesome Yu, thanks so much. I’m glad we talked. it was overdue. Bookmarking this stuff right now.

    let me know if you find anything specific on new urbanism in toronto… and come swing by mosaic when you get a chance!

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