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On Preaching again…

I’m surprised at how much I’ve been blogging on preaching over the last year. It’s an incredibly interesting art-form, and at the same time a very odd thing to be spending your time doing.

Yesterday I preached for my current advanced preaching class… a few thoughts.

Preaching remains a love / hate thing for me. Preaching in a classroom setting, amongst peers I respect with evaluation pens up drives me a bit bonkers inside.

As much as I’m getting a bit more use to preaching, I still need to pee three, four times before I speak. I’m not sure if it’s nerves or “the spirit”

I spoke on 2 Samuel 11-12, which encompassed almost 60 verses… I don’t think I’ve ever presented that many verses from a single section of the Scriptures… it was incredibly challenging.

I took solace in the truth that You can never speak on everything in it’s entirety anyways.

Although everyone was assigned with narrative expository preaching, it was amazing how many unique styles that still generated amongst classmates.

Preaching guru Haddon Robinson demands that all messages have a single clear ‘big idea’. I’m not sure I had one, I was hoping to instill a ‘big feeling’ instead.

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  • brad grinnen October 16, 2007, 3:26 pm

    i never handled the whole preaching in class thing. why? why do that? why not travel around and put some of that energy to an ‘in context’ use? visit each person’s community in which they preach over the weekend or whenever they do preach… and then discuss it in class. a real test of preaching is not in the class room in my humble opinion. or how well one structures and delivers…but how effective it is in community. anyway, just some thoughts.


  • Dave Sutherland October 17, 2007, 7:05 am

    Lon, what are the best preaching book’s you’ve read in your training/studies. I did a little preaching course with about 7 saints last year and we used the Robinson classic and “Between Two Worlds” by John Stott. What are your faves?

    True dat on the love hate part. More on that later perhaps.

  • Lon October 17, 2007, 12:44 pm

    Brad, I know what you mean!

    It seems so contrived in many ways. I wonder if due to the professionalizing of ministry – many ‘students’ just don’t have opportunities like that any more. I totally agree, there’s nothing like learning and struggling and communicating to real people…

    Dave, thanks for tuning in… books. I can’t say I’ve got too many favorites, I find many of them fairly dry and mechanical. there’s a new one out called ‘choosing to preach’ that is fairly foundational with some breadth… and maybe ‘preaching to a postmodern world’… these are more the one’s i’ve disliked the least i guess. I’m fairly unconvinced that one can really learn to preach via reading about it… but there’s definitely some value, somewhere in it all i’m sure.

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