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Yvz and I were leading a workshop on dating recently… and I think something arguably profound actually came out of my mouth. In discussing finding ‘the one’ and when you’re ‘ready’ and how we know what love is… I said…

If you can honestly love someone even if nothing about that person should ever change, OR, if everything about that person changes… then you just might be ready.

The reality is that some things about people may never ever change, and sometimes things happen that can change everything. ie. check out Robertson McQuilkin’s book “A promise kept” who drops everything to love his wife as she succumbs to Alzheimer’s.

I hear from newly weds quite often about all the ‘things’ they love about their other half. Truth is, much of what we often find so incredible about another person can disappear in a moment. This is why we ultimately long for unconditional love. When we are loved even in our must unlovely states.

I suspect this is how God is with us.

funky lips

and no… i’m not suggesting anything about how yvz has changed over the years here… she’s always been crazy. I just thought it was a hilarious photo!

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