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Cirque du Soleil…

For our date night this week we hit cirque du soleil, Kooza. Only way we were able to afford it was through a big discount they were offering for students and teachers, which worked out just right for us.

It’s absolutely phenomenal what the human body is capable of.

My favorite parts of the night were when the performers slipped up, one guy fell off the high wire and managed to cling to the rope on his way down. I loved this because it helps you realize just how difficult and risky some of this stuff is. The perfect execution with many of the stunts were brilliant, but I loved when the humanity of it all was showcased.

Whenever a performer slightly slipped up, and then found a way to recover, the audience would cheer even louder in appreciation. For a few moments through the night, the audience was able to give something back to these incredible performers.

Who's the clown?

kooza - what are you looking at?

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