October 2007

Play-doh – Imagination taking shape

I’m preaching through a two week message on Ephesians 2:10 – the idea of being God’s living artwork. This past Sunday I passed out play-doh to each person in the community and had them shape and express thoughts through them. I also pointed out how if they looked up close, they’ll find their fingerprints all […]

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One of the people I respect most in life just resigned from ministry. I don’t have any words to describe how I feel. Update: Thanks for those of you who have messaged me about this, or are close to the situation and have been following along.  I won’t be blogging further regarding this, but if […]

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Nova Experience…

The WCA is launching a new 3-day event in Canada called the Nova Experience. The NOVA Experience – a brand new day! April 10-12, 2008 – Doubletree International Plaza Hotel, Toronto, ON A new dawn is here for the local church in Canada, bringing the promise of a brighter morning, full of hope, full of […]

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I attended a Landmark Education seminar last week. It’s a fairly global movement that focuses on self-development and life-fulfillment. If you google them there’s quite a bit of controversy regarding their techniques, whether they’re a cult, lawsuits, pyramid-schemes, etc. I won’t get into that, only to say that my experience was positive for the most […]

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Colossians Remixed

Brian J. Walsh and his wife Sylvia C. Keesmaat were recently invited to Mars Hill, Grand Rapids, to discuss their latest book. Colosssians Remixed – A problem we face today is that we have become numbed and blinded to the empire of our day. It is not as apparent to us and so it needs […]

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Looking for love…?

Yvz and I were leading a workshop on dating recently… and I think something arguably profound actually came out of my mouth. In discussing finding ‘the one’ and when you’re ‘ready’ and how we know what love is… I said… If you can honestly love someone even if nothing about that person should ever change, […]

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I got schooled…

After deciding earlier that I would let school slide a bit, so that I could do ‘more important’ things with my life, I got slammed on my last assignment. I still don’t really care for my grades, but my urban ministry prof, one I greatly admire, called me out on it, and wrote this to […]

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Greening the ghetto

The latest TED talk I’ve watched on Greening the Ghetto. Let me know what you think if you ever get around to it.

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