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What I’m doing…

Here’s what I’ll be doing the next eight months

1. Wrapping up my final four courses in seminary at Tyndale – Urban Ministry I & II with Rick Tobias (CEO of Yonge Street Mission), Advanced Preaching, and possibly the art of teaching.

2. Helping lead Mosaic Baptist (A new church plant)

3. Hanging out at Sanctuary (A community in the downtown core that welcomes those who are on the fringes in particular

4. Doing a research project for ETCBC on possible ‘next steps’ as a community

As for right now, my daughter’s calling out…

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  • Sam. September 17, 2007, 9:50 am

    Nice pic!

    Looks like you’ll be busy then! What’s your role going to be with Mosaic Baptist?

  • Lon September 18, 2007, 7:58 am

    Hey Sam! I’ll definitely be busy… role? all sorts of things I guess, it’s wrapped up in my internship to complete the degree… but helping lead, preach, fostering community, mentoring/discipleship, and a whole lot of learning!

    You know how it is with church plants…

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