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Living Better…

No, I’m not quite a vegetarian yet, but my wife and I have definitely been trying to consume in a more sustainable way.

We went to a farmer’s market that turned out to not be too far from our home and bought a whole bunch of local grown food, and we’ve had four vegetarian dinners in a row. Not as tough as I thought it’d be. I’d still be salivating for a steak if I saw one though.

Here’s a vegetarian / zucchini lasagna that I had made.

zucchini lasagna

I also recently bought my first coffee maker through a friend who works at starbucks. I bought it so that I could offer free coffee from time to time for those who share our floor at our apartment. We handed out little promos with our daughter to every door.

Coffee anyone?

Only a few people made it out, but got to talk to some people that I had no idea lived in such proximity to me. I even handed out coffee to our custodian and entrance guard. They were quite surprised. Next time around I think we’ll host an evening mixer floor party.

With the coffee maker I’ve also started making Frappuccino’s when we’ve had guests. Check it out.

Homemade frappuccino

Overall the last while has been a beautiful time just living simpler, better, and sharing the beauty of it all with others.

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