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Daddy’s little girl…

Okay, I’ll admit it. As a guy, I’ve always wanted a son. When we were trying decide on baby names, I spent months tossing around exclusively boy names. Not that I was ever against daughters, it just never even occurred to me.

When we found out we were having a girl, I thought, that was just amazing. (I’ve always had this theory that boys with older sisters tend to be in a bit less trouble… and a girl with an older brother, and older guy friends, well that’d just be nothing but trouble… feel free to slam me on my theory as well).

However, something in the back of my mind still said, I guess we’ll just have to have a boy next time around (as if that was for me to decide)

But now, every time I look at my daughter, I am just so completely floored, and I realize she is so much more than enough. She lacks nothing, and she is a total joy to me. I’m so glad she’s my little girl.

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