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Blogging hits…

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My other blog One Life seems to be down for some reason.

I just looked over my blog stats and now’s as good as time as any to post on some of the top search queries that lead people to this site…

rob bell, one life, mp3, sermons, erwin mcmanus, nooma, quotes, missional, mars hill, video, faux-hawk, download, god, church, sex, audio, baby names, spiritual, homeless, blog, calling, notes, selah, love, mosaic, resignation, failure, beautiful, art, asian, wife, preaching, heaven, driscoll, toronto, planting, group, catalyst, leaders, caught, movement, creativity

Other interesting phrases that have found their way here include “my wife caught me”, “buying bridal diapers”, “cult of toastmasters”, “skinny models”, and “spanked”… Spanked?!

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  • Marty September 19, 2007, 11:00 am

    Sex always seems to lure people in.

    Disappointed with Vox – Might have to choose something like you got here. What have you liked and not liked about this site?

    Also wondering if we could move foward with booking your Ticket. The rates are pretty reasonable right now. If you want to throw me some options of dates and flights that would be great.

  • Lon September 19, 2007, 8:08 pm

    Hey Marty… haha, yes, it’s crazy some of the things people are searching on. I’m not sure what’s going on with vox, last i heard is it’s been worked on. I wasn’t double posting everything from my vox site to here before, but I think i might now, just in case. backing up’s important either way I guess. I love the flexibility offered by having my own site, I’m a bit cheap so the couple bucks is really the only downer besides missing out on the vox community.

    I’ll message you in a moment on dates/flights!

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