September 2007

Thinking Missionally…

Great teaser on the missional church by Christine Sine,

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Living Better…

No, I’m not quite a vegetarian yet, but my wife and I have definitely been trying to consume in a more sustainable way. We went to a farmer’s market that turned out to not be too far from our home and bought a whole bunch of local grown food, and we’ve had four vegetarian dinners […]

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Return of the Prodigal Son

If you haven’t read the book by Henri Nouwen that was inspired by this Rembrandt painting, you should.

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A note to Christians…

I’m in a preaching seminar right now by Kent Anderson (of and wrote choosing to preach). He just shared this lovely quote from Please do not pity me. I enjoy my life very much, even though you may think it is empty and worthless. I do not hate life as you might. You […]

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Battle on Mars Hill…

The blogosphere’s been abuzz the last few days with Mark Driscoll’s most recent comments at the Convergence conference at the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He talked about different streams of the emerging church today: The Relevants – Evangelical folks that are being innovative in their methods… he names guys like Donald Miller, Erwin McManus, and […]

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Painful upgrade…

going to wordpress 2.3 was not a problem, but that in combination with an incompatible theme just made my blog explode.  I’m glad I backed up, but restoring that was a nightmare as well. Some days technology really isn’t my friend, I don’t know why I keep going back to it. Anyhow, I might be […]

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upgraded to wordpress 2.3

It’s been a draining couple days. I just upgraded to wordpress v2.3 that was released today.  The site seems a bit snappier. I might start hunting for a new 3-column theme soon.

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Pardon my preaching…

I’ve written several times on preaching before, but here’s a few of my latest reflections as I’m preparing for tomorrow morning. – The challenge of preaching is you’re always calling people to a place you’re struggling to go yourself. – Preaching in different places four of the last five weekends, I can see how this […]

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