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Do you have friends who’ve had children and it seems like they’ve given up on living their own lives?

Everything is suddenly about their children, and its as if they’ve transferred all of their own hopes and dreams onto these unsuspecting kids. Sometimes I’m tempted to just throw in the towel myself, just be a good parent, and bank on the next generation to do something extraordinary.

My concern is, if all we do is model for our children how to be great parents, well, they’ll just be great parents.

Nothing so wrong with that, but what if rather than simply being great parents and propagating more parents, we modeled living extraordinary lives ourselves? Wouldn’t we want to see our children do at least the same whether they have a family or not?

stellar doing the laundry
I’m sorry sweetheart you’re going to have to fold the laundry on your own while we go live life to the fullest… for you.

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