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On humility…

This weekend I spoke from Philippians 2 on humility at Mosaic Baptist I’m always amazed at how God continues to speak to me even as I trip and stumble through life. I find it such a joy to be able to share with others what God’s been speaking into my life. I’ve shared on humility many times before, but here are a few recent revelations.

– The scriptures reveal to us that in the person of Jesus, God is a servant. If we are uncomfortable calling Him that, maybe we have no idea how deep His love for us runs.

– God is more humane than I am. He acknowledges, embraces, and serves those I wouldn’t even bat an eyelash for.

– In Jesus Divinity and Humanity converge as a servant. You would think if God had to become a human he would at least be a prince of some sort. But he doesn’t simply become a man, he humbles himself further, into a servant of humanity.

– Servanthood doesn’t catapult us to greatness. Servanthood allows us to join Jesus in the greatness of serving others. Humility is where Jesus lives.

– Humility matters because when we humble ourselves, we can bring others to the One who is most humble of all.

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