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Change the world…

I just finished reading Tony Campolo’s, Everybody wants to change the world. More thoughts on it coming soon.

Everybody wants to change the world

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  • brad grinnen August 18, 2007, 10:45 am

    im heading to the bookstore today. worth picking up?

  • Lon August 18, 2007, 11:31 am

    it’s good for a small group.. i think that’s what i’ll be doing with it. It covers a range of topics ie. poverty, people with disabilities, the elderly, etc… and where people can help out in the short/long term.. it gives some biblical support for all of it. some more breadth than depth if that’s what you might be looking for. shane claiborne’s irresistible revolution is still my must-read book of choice this season.

  • brad grinnen August 18, 2007, 4:51 pm

    ya, loved shane’s work. my wife turned me on to it. thanks for the info:)

    by the way, you going to bell’s conference if he does another one this winter?


  • Lon August 19, 2007, 2:27 pm

    Hey Brad, if they do it again, i think i just might make the drive down. Would i be seeing you there if i went?

  • brad grinnen August 19, 2007, 4:01 pm

    if they do it around the same time as last year… i will have 1 month old. im not sure my wife would allow it:) but i might try still.

  • Lon August 22, 2007, 8:17 am

    haha Brad… that’s devotion. yeah 1 month is quite the crazy time… i might hold off on it.. there’s not much you can do for the baby at the time, but i’m sure your wife would love you there!

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