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A few updates…

This week I visited Sanctuary downtown Toronto which is doing incredible work that I just love. I’ll have to share more of what I learned there sometime.

This weekend I’ll be speaking at Mosaic Baptist. Towards the end of the month I’ll be speaking at East Toronto Chinese Baptist Church and Chinese Evangelical Alliance Church of Toronto. Some of these Chinese church names tend to be a mouthful.

I also have the privilege of to being booked to fly down to Iowa to speak at The Bridge early next year. The Bridge is a church plant lead by Marty Schmidt and I’m totally stoked by what God will be doing through them over the coming months as they launch.

Nothing much excites me more than being able to communicate God’s truth in a way that connects people’s hearts and moves them towards action. However two things regarding speaking that have been on my mind.

One, you can pour you heart out and people can still leave unchanged. Two, speaking opportunities are an incredible privilege and joy but they’re not exactly paying the bills. This month I’ll be in job/internship hunting mode.

In my spare time I’ll be enjoying the sweetest period of vacation I’ve ever had and spending time with my miracle of a family.

I’ll also be reviewing an advanced copy of Brian Mclaren‘s new book “Everything must change” to be released in October this year, amongst a few other summer reads.

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