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A few thoughts from Pornified

Pamela Paul rightly opens her book with a caveat on the language that is used throughout the book… It’s hard to over-stress how graphic and explicit much of the language and content used in her interviews were. There’s lots I wish I had never read.

It is definitely not just the ‘religious’ and conservative that feel that porn is having a tremendously negative impact on our culture

Although Paul went into great depths with many of her interviews, I wish she used a much larger sample size to back her arguments, or at least engaged many more of the statistics already available.

Pornography today is nothing like your daddy’s pornography. Playboy today struggles with it’s brand as being ‘too tame’

I think most of the population that would have the guts to read a book like this would already know how devastating the proliferation of pornography is

What I though was really interesting was the insights of those who were pro-porn

– “If men didn’t have pornography release those urges they could very well “be out raping Girl Scouts”

– Men in pornography need to be pathetic and unattractive so that male viewers can feel “better than their pornographic counterpart”

– 13 year old girls today have porn stars as role models and idols

– “I know some it is objectively horrid, but I have to admit that some of the images have been real sexual turn-ons”

– “I don’t see how any male who likes porn can think actual sex is better, at least if it involves all the crap that comes with having a real live female in your life.”

Children today are born into porn. If you live in urban North America today it is virtually inevitable that your children will be exposed to pornography. What will you be doing about it?

Paul does well to argue that “Pornography at its core is the commercialization of women, turning men into consumers and women into a product to be used and discarded”

I wish more solutions were offered from both a personal and policy level

Along the same note, it appears we’re sharing pornography to the third-world through the One Laptop Per Child program now.

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