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How to save a life…

If you follow any of the spiritual mudslinging that goes on around the blogging world, then this might be interesting news.

Over the last few months Ken Silva of CRN and apprising.org has spent a good amount of time trashing anything that doesn’t fit his version of Christianity. One issue in particular is that of Erwin McManus and his association with Jon Gordon, a popular new-age energy coach.

Well, as it result it appears Jon Gordon has decided to spend his life following Jesus now. Below is a video of Erwin sharing about Jon’s story as he came to Christ through their relationship… and a buddhist healer.

Also a video of Jon’s baptism in the ocean off of his personal website.

Thanks to christianresearchnetwork.info (completely different from Silva’s christianresearchnetwork.com) for the tip. See their article for more on the story. I like how they commented on how some of us can keep ourselves busy by critiquing, while others keep ourselves busy advancing the kingdom of God.

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  • Ken Silva July 10, 2007, 6:04 pm

    “Over the last few months Ken Silva of CRN and apprising.org has spent a good amount of time trashing anything that doesn’t fit his version of Christianity.”

    Perhaps this is the mirror image of Erwin McManus. You might recall he said, long before I came on the scene it was Erwin who said:

    “My goal is to destroy Christianity as a world religion and be a recatalyst for the movement of Jesus Christ,” McManus, author of a new book called “The Barbarian Way,” said in a telephone interview.

    “Some people are upset with me because it sounds like I’m anti-Christian. I think they might be right.”


    Before you get back to your whine-a-thon remember friend that it was Jesus Who warned the measure one uses will be measured back to them. peace. 🙂

  • Lon July 11, 2007, 7:27 am

    good point. I guess you win.

  • Ken Silva July 11, 2007, 9:07 am

    Hi Lon,

    It’s not about winning…k. It’s just that I wanted to know I do have my reasons why I write as I do. The truth is I absolutely do not like conflict but when guys like Erwin attack what others believe they need to expect a defense. Make sense?

    Please know I am not the least offended by what you wrote and if I can ever be of service to you and your lovely family you know where I am.

  • Daniel D July 11, 2007, 11:13 am

    Hey Lon. Thanks for sharing Jon Gordon’s story. I think it is an important illustration for all “watchdogs” like Ken Silva and even other believers to think about as it perfectly shows how God’s grace changes lives. Had it been up to someone like Ken, Jon in his former new-age self, would have been abandoned for his previous beliefs rather than supported as God worked in his life to invite him into a relationship with Jesus. Makes me just wonder if blogs were around back in Jesus’ day how “watchdog” bloggers might have responded to Jesus choosing tax collectors and sinners to be his closest companions. I think Jesus knew people could and will change when they let God into their lives. Sometimes I am not sure if we trust God’s abilities to change lives as much as we should.

    I don’t know Ken Silva or others who write in similar ways so I can’t really comment on their motives. I do respect what they are attempting to do and understand where they are coming from. I’m sure they are all really great men. They are trying to protect and help others discern truth. I believe they just need to be careful that in that process that they are not getting in the way of God changing the lives of the very people who they are trying to protect.

    I know Erwin McManus. Have talked with him many times and shared dinner with him. I am friends with some on his staff and as a result I am personally pretty secure in that I understand Erwin’s intention when he uses the statement of “destroying Christianity,” etc. as more a metaphor for stepping out of “religion” and getting back to the true mission of Jesus. Regardless though, Erwin is a man and all men are indeed fallible. In the big scheme of things I would rather be learning from someone like Erwin who seems rather transparent in his motives rather than someone who seems “traditional Christian” on the outside but is covered in sin on the inside… such as Ted Haggard.

    The moral in my opinion is to put more attention on teaching believers how to put their faith in God rather than man. Relying on God rather than idolizing a pastor of any shape or form.

    When Erwin refers to “Christianity” I do believe he his more so referring to the religion that has developed versus the true mission of Jesus. Religion divides and becomes weighted politically. Jesus clearly was against that.

    I guess my 2 biggest questions for someone like Ken Silva are:

    1. After all the shots taken at Erwin, regardless if some are warranted, and the blast of his association with Jon Gordon… why not post a note saying “Hey, maybe in one case I was wrong. Jon Gordon has accepted Jesus as Lord and is beginning to pursue his relationship with the Savior. No, Jon will not be a changed man overnight but at least he is allowing God to work in his life and change him. Let’s all rally together to support this brother and do what we can to help steer him in the right direction rather than tearing him down because he may not quote scripture 100% accurately or have a seminary degree.”

    I haven’t seen Ken say anything on his blog yet about Jon Gordon’s conversion, celebrating together as one more comes to know our Lord.

    2. Being a watchdog has merit indeed but is it really worth spending all your time targeting another who I son the same team? Does the strife created do more good to help people discern or just create more division between believers and present a very negative bickering perspective to those who are outside of the church? Is this kind of ministry really helping people come to know Christ or keeping them away?

  • Ken Silva July 11, 2007, 7:27 pm


    You might have noticed I had politely explained to Lon what rationale. So you want to come over with your thinly veiled judgment:

    “Had it been up to someone like Ken, Jon in his former new-age self, would have been abandoned for his previous beliefs rather than supported as God worked in his life to invite him into a relationship with Jesus.”

    How would you know D.D.? Do you know me? O, that’s right you also proved your hypocrisy when you admit:

    “I don’t know Ken Silva or others who write in similar ways so I can’t really comment on their motives.”

    Uh-huh, like you just did. Hey take your slams friend, but save the false platitudes and be a man about it. Say hi to Erwin for me and let the Barbarian know I’ll see you on the field of battle. 🙂

  • Daniel D July 11, 2007, 8:12 pm

    Thanks Ken. As I also noted in my original post, I am sure you are a great guy with good intentions. I’m just not sure you give people a fair shake or the benefit of God’s grace working in their lives. That’s my perception though and like you, we are all entitled to our opinions whether they be right or wrong.

    I’ve personally emailed you several times from an alternate email address I have, posing as someone in need of spiritual help and not once did you reply. I just don’t understand how you can send out such venomous attacks on someone like Erwin McManus (and others) in the name “Awakening Light of Scripture” but then not be there for someone who appears to be in spiritual need.

    I also don’t understand why you can spend time trash blogging someone like Jon Gordon when he was obviously a new-ager but now that he has accepted Christ you don’t give it much attention at all or post anything about the joy of a once lost man now finding his way in Jesus. Neither on Lon’s blog or Dan Kimball’s blog have you even recognized the fact that Jon Gordon accepted Christ as Lord. To me that is pretty sad and shows that you are more intereted in the debate than winning souls for eternity.

    That’s all I have to say. I’d love to engage with you more and try to better get to know you and understand why you believe what you do, perhaps that will shed more light on your perspective for me. I’m game to chat via phone or email direct if you’d like.

    I’m not going to use Lon’s blog comment area as a place to carry on a conversation with you out of respect for Lon and his other readers. I’d love to be able to comment to you directly on your blog but for some reason you don’t allow comments. You seem fine leaving comments all over everyone else’s blogs but why won’t you open then up on yours?

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