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Dream bigger…

I can never speak too much of my brilliant wife. Here’s one post I’ve shared of her and another. Not only is she a stunner and a super mom, but there is no other person I would ever want to live this incredible adventure of life with.

stellar and yvz and sky

During one of our long car rides we begin playing this game where we take turns sharing our dreams.

I share with her about becoming a person who helps unleash people’s passions

She says uh huh.

I share about writing books that impact multitudes

She says okay what else.

I then share about building a city within a city. Where there is an underground city of faith, hope, and love that serves the greater city that it’s in.

She says dream bigger.

I selfishly share about how I’ve always had a little fantasy of having a gigantic etching my name on the moon for all to see at night

She says dream bigger.

I give up and say well how about ending world hunger and poverty!

She says dream bigger, Dream bigger!

How do you dream bigger than that? But that’s just the type of woman I’ve married, absolutely astonishing.

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