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Church Leadership VI


There seems to be some backlash in our anti-institutional culture against leadership these days. Leaders tend to be reduced to facilitators or coordinators; however rather than lowering what it means to be a leader I believe there needs to be a strong push towards raising what it means to be a member. Members must be seen as integral parts of the body of Christ that have an incredible task in supporting leaders and the church to transforming the community.

I believe that every believer is called to lead; after all we are all called to lead others to Christ. I believe in the priesthood of all believers (1 Peter 2:9), that ever member is an ambassador of Christ both as a minister and as a missionary to the world (2 Corinthians 5:20). Because of this, membership ought to have no privileges, other than the opportunity to serve on a greater scale.

Structurally there can be two circles of community within the church. The first of which is radically inclusive with no conditions for receiving love or care at our church. The second circle consists of those who have bought into the vision of radically loving those who are in the other circle and beyond. Unlike most organizations in the world, this one exists for its non-members.

Members, which include the elders and deacons, are called to be contributors rather than consumers. Every member is called not to simply go to church, but to be the church wherever they are. Covenants for faithfulness to God, tithing, fostering of community, servicing of the world in some way will be required.

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