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614 Network – St. Jamestown

Last night I visited 614 St. Jamestown, a community of faith in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Some highlights I made mental notes of…

I experienced hospitality at it’s finest (how do you argue a church service sandwiched between burgers and cake, followed by nachos and wings?)

I met leaders in the community who relocated into the neighborhood so that they could live, work, and play along side of those they minister to.

I heard from people who understood the demographics of their community from personal involvement and actual stats, rather than with their own preconceptions

Supposedly St. Jamestown is the Calcutta of North America in terms of population density

I saw a church plant committed to holistic renewal of its neighborhood

I discovered what a sub-basement was, and how God and apartment dungeons aren’t such a bad mix

I experienced the word of God as everyone was encouraged to interact with the Scriptures.

I listened to the story of a lady that had been captured and tortured in Ethiopia for her faith

I heard from a man who is using his God-given singing abilities to bless others in contexts beyond the church

I met a much older gentleman who continues to pour his life into others through gut-wrenching work as a chaplain

I spoke with a highly educated man from Russia that found himself simply looking for acceptance as he immigrated here

I met a young lady who took a step of faith coming all the way from France and finding herself falling in love with the people she served

I saw children be children

I saw different denominations working together

I saw a community enjoying life together.

I saw people of all sorts of cultures, experiences, and opinions with nothing in common other than Jesus and a neighborhood.

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  • Alan July 15, 2007, 11:03 pm

    Isaiah 614. Started with Regent Park, through Sal Army. Now replicating in cities across North America.

    It’s a good deal.

  • Parke July 16, 2007, 9:23 am

    Sounds like a great visit. You’ll have to share more as time goes on.

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