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Why Mosaic City?

Mosaic Color LogoMosaic, besides sounding really cool, actually embodies what we hope to be our core elements as a community.

Mosaic represents the brokenness and fragmentation that exists in the city and in the hearts of its people. Brokenness, due to the mess we make of our lives and our relationships; and fragmentation, due to how people are increasingly working, playing, connecting, and living in isolated bubbles. This has made it extremely difficult for people to see one another as full human beings created in the image and likeness of God. Mosaic City hopes to change that.

Mosaic is an art-form created by a master artist that brings together broken pieces to form something beautiful. Likewise, Mosaic represents to us that there is a living God who actively brings us together in community despite our differences and dysfunctions to create something beautiful that reflects His character and His hopes in this world. We believe that when our sharp and rough edges are brought together and rub against one another in the light of God, Christ will be revealed.

The image of Mosaic brings up many other traits that we value as well such as different shapes, diversity, unity as a whole, messiness, ancient, beauty, faith, discarded, remnants, belonging, having a purpose in the bigger picture, artistry, shades and colors, identity, reflection, light, transparency, synergy, divinity, and mystery, amongst many others.

I’ve always thought of having the name of the actual city in the name of this community to help define in some degree a geographical focus. There is no doubt that we hope to impact on even broader scales such as the nation and the world, but to be realistic, and not disheartening to those who join, we’ve limited it to a specific city.

However just mulling over the word “City” the last couple days, has made me think of how City might be appropriate. City brings up images of a populace, living together, governed by certain values. Isn’t this so much of what the Kingdom of God is all about? City also alludes to progress and culture. Just as in the beginning Genesis records humanity in the garden, Revelation speaks of how in some way humanity progresses towards a city. I also like the idea of a city within a city where people are primarily citizens of the kingdom of heaven.

I think the term church will be used in the legal name for ease of documentation and validity when interacting for charitable status and other organizations. My hope however is that people don’t come to know us as a church because we say we’re a church, but because we as a community of faith are being the church in the community.

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