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What’s Normal?

As a new parent, I’ve found that I’m constantly scouring books and the web for what’s normal. Should my daughter be doing this, or not doing that? How much exactly should she be eating? Should her #2 look like that? Is she developmentally on track? Is she normal?

The problem is, why am I aiming for normal or average? I don’t in my own life. Since when has being normal, or even slightly better than average been a worthy goal in life?

One baby formula say it helps strengthen bones, the other says it supports brain development, what do you choose?

I find so much of the marketing towards parents exploits our insecurities and our need to have the most optimal child alive. Sometimes I fall into the trap and I think, this could be it, this could be the very meal, the very food, at this very juncture in her growth and development that gives her the edge in life, that causes her to be 3% smarter or faster.

But would Stellar being that much smarter or that much quicker, really make her that much happier?

Would it really impact the content of her character?

I need to constantly remind myself that despite what everyone says, there are more important things to be focusing on.

Rather than aiming for normal, I hope that we can engage Stellar as the distinct person that she is.

We’ve never truly wanted her to be above average or even perfect, what we really want is to cultivate in her the person God has created her to uniquely be.

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  • Parke June 23, 2007, 6:59 pm

    Great post, dude. Thanks for sharing.

  • Lon June 23, 2007, 9:53 pm

    thanks, upon thinking about it a bit more… i’ll add that ‘normal’ or ‘typical’ or ‘average’ is nice for a baseline… i do see why we use it… but it should never be the goal or the essence of what we aim for.

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