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Toronto vs. Ottawa

Five years ago I dragged my wife from her hometown of Ottawa to the ‘big city’ of Toronto.

My wife really didn’t like Toronto, and at that time I made a thirty year plan for our lives part of it consisting of going back to Ottawa for several years.

I saw some benefits to this, as Yvz’s family is in Ottawa, plus her parents won’t be working so they can help take care of Stellar. The city is smaller and less established, so it might be a bit easier for me to be church planting there. We love the lifestyle which is more quaint, people do things outdoors a lot and spend a lot of time entertaining guests in their own homes.

I love Toronto, because well that’s where my family and community is. While it’s hard to say where the needs are greatest, I’ve always felt that there were darker sides of Toronto that desperately needed light. Toronto is amazing because there is so much more in terms of resources and people, but because of that there is competition for things and people everywhere it seems.

Anyhow, everything has been geared towards Ottawa the past years. Our budget, the mortgage, the job transitions, connections, research, our frame of mind, and even the timing of Stellar, has in many ways been aligning ourselves for the move to Ottawa.

But, after a couple years of disdain for Toronto, my life has fallen in love with it. She loves the diversity of people, the variety of things to do, the food, the culture, her job, her staff, her community, and the opportunities.

So now we’re torn. We love both cities. There’s already so much uncertainty in our future, this is something we need to decide soon.

How do you make huge decisions like this?

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  • ray June 18, 2007, 10:26 am

    FYI — we’ve thrown around the idea of Ottawa as well and it’s very attractive. But our families and friends are in the GTA — and we’re people that need a lot of support.

    So, because we consider you guys as part of our support team, you must stay where we’re at which is Toronto for the next little while… unless God says otherwise.

  • Lon June 18, 2007, 9:42 pm

    Hey Ray, thanks, it’s amazing how ‘mere’ community can swing things sometimes!

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