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The value of wis.dm

I finally got around to checking out wis.dm yesterday. It’s one of the latest social networking sites emerging.

wis.dm has a streamlined approach to q&a networking allowing only yes or no responses, which seems to simplify and increase participation.

I popped several questions yesterday and received as many as 60 responses already to some of my questions within the day.

Here are some of the current results of my own polls

– 72% of people agree their ‘wants’ take away from the ‘needs’ of others on this planet
– 93% of people say they have hope for the future
– 67% of people say the state of humanity is getting worse
– 66% of people say they have a role in serving humanity
– 77% of people say they believe in life before death
– 63% of people say the Amercian way of life is unsustainable
– 65% of people agree that celebrities exist because we would rather sit around and watch someone else live an extraordinary life
– 75% of people say as human beings we have a responsibility to the poor, oppressed, and marginalized
– 60% of people say they are cool with Jesus but it’s Christian’s they have a problem with

and most importantly

– 70% of people agree that they like sausages with cheese in them

The value of this – Extremely quick demographic polling that gives you access to tons of people you’ve never known.

As leaders, culture shapers, church planters, and community builders I definitely think this can be a valuable resource.

See my other questions here and try it yourself.

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  • Parke June 14, 2007, 2:45 pm

    It seems that the numbers and percentages would be of very limited value given the opt-in approach and random selections. In other words, “70% of what?” Have you found you connected with the folks who took the survey to talk over those questions more?

  • Lon June 14, 2007, 3:38 pm

    Hey Parke, excellent point, I was going to mention a note on that in my post but forgot. I take is that this being a very new beta type of network, it would consist mostly of innovative geeks and their circles of friends… plus from what i understand it’s mostly aimed at 22-28 year olds. but still… it’s quick feedback from people we wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

    and actually, there was a decent number of comments back, but i didn’t quite have the time to respond to them all.

    i’m hoping this grows, i have no idea how far it’ll grow, but feedbacks always great in my books. you’re right on though, we need to be careful where it’s coming from sometimes.

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