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Church leadership

A few thoughts…

There seems to be a plethora of church leadership structures that are written about, promoted and practiced under various banners today.  From my reading of the Scriptures, I must begin by saying that I do not see explicit breakdowns of how the leadership of the church must be structured.  Most approaches that are advocated and scripturally supported seem to me, to be a construction from various passing statements rather than a clear biblical mandate of the church’s leadership configuration.

I do however see the need for having some form of established structure in order to direct and protect the people and the mission of the local church.  I appreciate what Stetzer states that “church governance should function like a human skeleton, as a necessity for structure and well-being but invisible to the naked eye”.

My hope is to have a leadership architecture that is true to the heart of Scripture and will serve as a baseline to be innovated upon as we follow God’s leading as a church.

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