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A vision without a home…

I’m going to spend the next while posting some thoughts about church planting, mission, and ecclesiology.

The odd thing is most books and experts will tell you that these topics primarily begin with demographics, market research, target audience, all that stuff.  I’ve went ahead and dreamed and schemed without really factoring these in.  I’m sure there are better ideas and models out there for different contexts, but I’ll just go with what I know so far.

What I do know is we love both the city of Toronto and Ottawa, and though the truth is we’re suburban at heart, we’re falling in love with the urban space.  We’re open to other alternatives though.

After all my reading on leadership, I still can’t quite tell the difference between vision and mission.  They seem to elude to who we are and who we are to become, but I find them intrinsically tied together.  So here’s a very high level blurb.  I’ll just use “City” for now in the name, but I might want to substitute that for the actual city at some point?  who knows.

Mosaic City is an expanding movement of people becoming who God created them to be.  It is a movement sparked by the Creator of the universe, fused together by the person of Jesus, and fueled forward by the Spirit of God.  It seeks to serve the city and beyond as a community of faith, love, and hope, by unleashing the God-given dreams of those who choose to participate.

 In short, we are, and will increasingly be, a community that lives by faith, is known by love, and is a voice of hope to the city.  (1 Thessalonians 1:3)


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  • Parke June 19, 2007, 9:11 am

    These things are always hard. Aren’t they? Two things that may be helpful. A lot of folks are sure they know what a community needs just from anecdotal evidence. And a lot of times these assumptions are very niche.

    Words that sound humble are pretty important in at least today’s US society. Most people in my circle of things might actually bristle a bit at some of the things in your mission statement because, while possibly true, it’s sometimes better to let other people say grand things about you than to say them yourself.

    Keep us posted, dude. I hope good things for you folks.

  • Lon June 19, 2007, 9:30 am

    Hey Parke, i totally agree with your thoughts.

    i did actually end up doing some statistical research, and I also surveyed several community leaders in the city of Ottawa… some excellent feedback there as they are knee deep in attempting to do something of significance for Christ

    and yes, lofty words! In really simple terms, i hope we can just be the church in our context. the church has lost so much of what it actually is in our culture, we need to put all the adjectives and qualifiers to it…

    and yes, I use to work in sales.. and understand underpromising and over-delivering, and the power of others’ perceptions. I just needed something for a school project i was working on…. plus… i think there’s something in me that always hopes to over-promise, and then over-deliver beyond that!… ah.. the overachieving idealist in me!

  • Dave Tilma September 21, 2007, 5:06 pm

    Lon, you should check out our church plant residency program. Perhaps Austin can fill in the blank. Check out HCBC.com and contact John H. God’s peace on your journey, dt http://www.davetilma.com

  • Lon September 22, 2007, 11:26 am

    Hey Dave, I will check it out, thanks so much for the tip!

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