June 2007

Church Leadership II

Jesus is the head of the church. It could be because this is far too obvious but I find that far too often Jesus is left off our or organizational charts. Jesus himself states that he is the one who builds his church (Matthew 16:18). The Scriptures describe Jesus as our Apostle and High Priest […]

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Google maps

I think I’ll start highlighting a bit of the geekier side of me and blogging some of the technology/productivity tools that I use to do what I do. For one, traveling has never been the same since Google maps came along. It just got better. [youtube KPOOWvP_dd8] multiple destinations, satellite images, live traffic, and now […]

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Church leadership

A few thoughts… There seems to be a plethora of church leadership structures that are written about, promoted and practiced under various banners today.  From my reading of the Scriptures, I must begin by saying that I do not see explicit breakdowns of how the leadership of the church must be structured.  Most approaches that […]

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Irresistable Revolution Resources

The day I finished up a 30 page church planting proposal, I began digging into Shane Clairborne’s book The Irresistable Revolution. Two days later, I finished it and was wrecked and questioning all the visioning, plans and, strategies I had jotted down regarding church planting. I was humbled and reminded that very few of us […]

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What’s Normal?

As a new parent, I’ve found that I’m constantly scouring books and the web for what’s normal. Should my daughter be doing this, or not doing that? How much exactly should she be eating? Should her #2 look like that? Is she developmentally on track? Is she normal? The problem is, why am I aiming […]

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Values Breakdown

Some of you may have seen the blueprint I drew up a while back. Here it is somewhat expanded in table form.

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Why plant another church?

One thing I often hear regarding church planting is that there are already so many churches out there, why plant another church? First off, statistically speaking if you’re thinking of Canada on a national level, according to outreach Canada ten thousand churches still needed to be planted simply to have a church for every two […]

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Why Mosaic City?

Mosaic, besides sounding really cool, actually embodies what we hope to be our core elements as a community. Mosaic represents the brokenness and fragmentation that exists in the city and in the hearts of its people. Brokenness, due to the mess we make of our lives and our relationships; and fragmentation, due to how people […]

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