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Ikea – my new home…

Many of my friend’s homes look like Ikea, but my new home actually is Ikea.

For six-days a week, for soon to be four weeks now, I’ve been eating and working at Ikea. It’s the same routine each day. I play with Stellar around 6am-9am. I do a five minute drive down to Ikea right before it opens. I pay exactly $2.11 for my rent, breakfast, and bottomless coffee everytime. I sit at the same place each day because of the electrical outlet. I’m familiar with the staff. I know when the cappuccino machine runs out each morning (10:45am) and have taught many others how to use it properly (press and hold till three quarters full).

For some reason it is such an incredible place of reflection and productivity for me. I come home around noon totally charged up and  completely in love with my wife and daughter.

Or could it be just the food?

Having the same $1 breakfast there every day, I’m starting to have some health concerns. On week three I shot a quick email to Ikea Headquarters asking for a nutritional breakdown of the meal. No answer yet.

Some people say it’s just plan disgusting and I should be filming myself and do another supersize me. I’m feeling okay still… but I think it’s probably a good time to slow down on it now. Sometimes I smell the breakfast in my sleep…

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  • ebrian May 8, 2007, 12:58 pm

    I did the IKEA thing for dinner, just two consecutive dinners and I had to stop because I started feeling sick. Your story about going there for nearly 4 weeks made me laugh, but also made me feel sick. That just can’t be good for your health.

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