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Bringing heaven to earth…

Continuing our Creativity & Spirituality series.

When it comes to creativity quantity quite often must preside over quality, at least initially. Yvz always tells me how the kids that she teaches always struggle with spelling when they are writing stories. She continuously encourages them to just make it up and simply get their ideas down and write their stories, but they still seem to get hung up on spelling.

So often many of us are just like that. We lose incredible and imaginative ideas and fail to truly hear God’s voice because we’re stuck on the details.

Everyone was asked to spend 8-10 minutes brainstorming and jotting down what heaven would be like (This portion was inspired by David Arcos at Humana 2.0).

We took this exercise a step further and did some rapid prototyping. A large banner was laid out and everyone was asked to think of items on their list that they wanted to personally be involved with bringing to earth. Everyone was invited to paint and draw their commitments in this communal artistic exercise.

Maybe when we pray “Thy kingdom come, on earth, as it is in heaven”, we’re actually suppose to be doing something about it? Maybe Maybe the subtle hints of heaven in the Scriptures and our capacity to imagine this heaven might be so that we could make it a reality here on earth? How might you make God’s invisible presence into a physical reality?

Heaven... we're bringing it to earth

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