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Spirituality in Hedley’s Trip…

Continuing the series on Creativity and Spirituality, the song writers today are the prophets and poets of our time.

I think I’ve spent all my life looking for myself and God within music. My wife can attest to the number of songs I rant about endlessly in where I find faith and song converging.

Here’s just one song that rocks and speaks at the same time.

Some say love is not for sinners
I believe that isn’t true
‘Cause when I was finished sinning
Love came down and showed me you

And you told me how to get there
So I tried to find a way
Then I ran into your garden
But I tripped out the gate
I tripped out the gate

What are you doing to me?
I’m so into you
And the hardest part is knowing
That I’ll never follow through
You’re slowly killing me
And I wish it wasn’t true
Cause I’m so into you

Like a ton of bricks it hit me
And woke me from this dream
No matter how hard I tried to wash my hands
I could never get ’em clean
I could never get ’em clean

The dude’s clearly writing it to a girl, but do you see how it echoes the story of Christ? It highlights our complete inability to make things ‘right’ even after coming to faith. Faith is this endless journey, and there are parts in it where you ‘trip out the gate’ and find yourself lost in such beauty it’s undeniable.

Other songs people mentioned in our class included songs by K’OS, Rufus Wainwright, Edwin, Coldplay, ruben studdard, and Sarah McLachlan… anyone else got others?

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