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Ever been possessed?

I think there was something I was suppose to talk about at the conference, but I ended up simply sharing a bit about my life and doing an anything goes Q&A for the rest of the time.

When it comes to speaking to crowds, I don’t think on-the-fly talks that can be done over the long haul. The truth is you can only ride your personality and past thoughts and experiences for so long. Every great communicator spends time working at their craft.

Still, I absolutely love meeting people exactly where they are and thinking on my feet, rather than trying to recall what I had intended to say.

When young person asked me, what’s the deal with people getting possessed?

What a fantastic question I thought. I broadened the term possession and shared about how possession is when people are overtaken by something.

I shared of an old room mate who had no issues doing the 30 hour famine everyday because he was ‘possessed’ playing Warcraft (Sorry Brian). I shared about how I can be possessed for hours online shopping at times just trying to find a way to save a dollar . I shared of how so often, not only with youth, but adults find themselves being different people when they’re with different people.

People are possessed when they are not being the person that they were created to be.

Jesus came to free us from this and walk with us on a journey towards relentlessly becoming the person that God had always intended for us to be.

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  • ebrian March 22, 2007, 6:58 am

    It was Diablo, not Warcraft!!

  • Lon March 28, 2007, 3:28 pm

    d’oh! i forgot! you were doing the work of God by destroying the demons!

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