March 2007

Intimate Spirituality and the Creative Journey

In our ‘class’ people are gathered in groups of four. To share not necessarily a ‘testimony’ but an experience or a moment in which they felt God became in anyway possibly more real to them. What is it about sharing in smaller groups? Is it the defusing of fear in an intimate environment? Is it […]

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Creative Environments…

Entering the room – I tried to create an environment that was different from any thing people were use to. Lights were shut off. Candles were scattered. Tables were covered with kraft paper from Montana’s Restaurant. Crayons were distributed for doodling. Music like U2’s “City of Blinding Lights” played. I did this not because it […]

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Spirituality and Creativity

Over the next while the bulk of my writings will center around Spirituality & Creativity. I just finished teaching a four-week series on the topic and I hope to offer readers a glimpse into it, while fleshing out more of the thoughts and experiences that arose. Together (that means you), I hope to explore with […]

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Stellar, the paparazzi, and her feet…

Here’s a clip of Stellar at twelve weeks

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And so it begins…

I was reading up on where my daughter is developmentally, and according to this website, it states that as she enters the fourth month, “She is starting to realize that she can influence the world” Don’t tell me she isn’t preparing for world domination here… I wonder when so many of us stop thinking we […]

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Ever been possessed?

I think there was something I was suppose to talk about at the conference, but I ended up simply sharing a bit about my life and doing an anything goes Q&A for the rest of the time. When it comes to speaking to crowds, I don’t think on-the-fly talks that can be done over the […]

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Risky Leadership…

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”, if what Edmund Bruke says is true, then passive neutrality will never overcome evil in this world. Risky leadership is unafraid of moving forward in the face of uncertainty. The apostle Paul went from city to city so that some […]

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High school all over again…

I’ve been speaking at Teen’s Conference over the last few days. Looking into the eyes of these incredible emerging adults, I had forgotten how lost I was when I was their age. – thoughts of ending my life secretly plagued me – I mocked anyone who wanted to do anything significant with their life – […]

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