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Ideas on Creativity…?

I’m teaching a series of classes of classes this March on “Experiencing God through the Creative Journey“.

If anyone else has any ideas on creatively teaching creativity, whether it’s through biblical foundations, practical expressions, or corporate experiences that can be facilitated, I’d love to hear about them.

The current session titles are:

Creativity through the Creator God
Creativity through Creation – Community & Culture
Creativity through Creating CrossCultural Environments

I have way more ideas than I have time for already, but after the series is over, I’ll be posting my thoughts and what comes out of the experience, especially if we use any of your ideas!

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  • verstehen February 19, 2007, 9:33 am

    The other day I noticed several books by Gordon D. Kaufman on creativity. Although I haven’t read any, they look interesting and might be helpful.

    If you read them before I do, would you let us know about his ideas?

  • jessi February 19, 2007, 10:29 am

    I don’t have anything helpful to you, but I’ll be anxiously awaiting to hear your thoughts. Our church plant feels a strong call to including, stirring up, encouraging the arts and creativity, and we have some really talented people, but we are sort of struggling with what that looks like practically.

  • anonymousjohn February 19, 2007, 11:41 am

    The latest Harvard Business Review just had an OnPoint edition on creativity in organizations that might be helpful.

    For my take on it, I would include a few things:
    1) What is our role to create? Is it art? Or is it to build the world? (Is building corporations and governments part of managing and overseeing God’s creation? I mean intrinsically, not necessarily as a way to finance evangelistic methods to the end of the earth…)
    2) Creating in a non-artistic sense is looking at was and needs to be… and looking at what stopped you from getting there originally. Maybe new things are out and about in the world to pass old hurdles, maybe old hurdles were ideological, maybe they were imagined.

  • Lon February 20, 2007, 12:34 pm

    verstehen, thanks for coming by. I haven’t read the books yet, doubt i will anytime really soon, but I’ll definitely let you know if I do.

    Jessi, yes, I believe that being involved creatively is not only a mandate, but there’s something universal in it’s appeal that can help tremendously especially in church planting scenarios.

    anonymousjohn – great name, as if john wasn’t anonymous enough.
    Those are excellent questions that i hope to tackle. I think art is definitely a part of it, but that’s too often the traditional and far-too narrow scope of creativity.

    good stuff guys.

  • culturecrisis February 21, 2007, 12:59 am

    hey man.
    humana was rad. tell you more if you havent allready gotten the low from the the rest of the imn crew.
    check my latest. need your comments if you dont mind.
    we are doing our most involved gathering this wed so afterwards if you havent allready spoken on ur new series we can rap about some of my stuff that worked or didnt.
    pass this along to some key people if you dont mind
    cheers mate//

    p.s.u blow me away. how do you allready have 492 views?

  • Burly Man February 25, 2007, 12:11 pm

    Disney has created a business (interactive) seminar series under the Disney Institute brand. Anyhow, one of the classes is entitled “Organizational Creativity”. See http://www.disneyinstitute.com/creativity.cfm for more info. I was able to attend a local event courtesy of my workplace.

    The slick thing about this program is it was a fun way to teach/learn and had practical applications to what we do… For instance, the group size was approx 100-150 seated at 8 person circular tables. Each table became a group and we worked collectively on the assigned tasks. One particular task involved a simple brainstorming activity. At the end of a set time, everyone shared the quantity of ideas and the facilitators gave out random Disney related prizes. Each activity had a particular goal — brainstorming was quantity not quality. They did a series of these activities that built upon one another until you had gained a sense of how to bring creativity to the workplace…

  • Lon February 26, 2007, 1:29 pm

    Hey thanks for coming by guys. Sounded like some interesting stuff came out of the latest imn event.

    Burly man, that’s awesome that you got to attend that disney event. sounded interesting. looks like some interesting stuff on the link, i’ll be checking it out some more! good point on the quantity issue, sometimes our desire for quality stops the flow of creativity…

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