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Faux-hawk or Faux-pas


Many people have been commenting on my Faux-Hawk recently. To be quite honest, since I shaved my head, my hair just started growing back this way. I wake up, and there it is. I’ve never put any product in it. I didn’t even know what a faux-hawk was until people started pointing it out.

Well, here I was feeling pretty good about myself having hair other guys go to salons for, until I decided to look up the faux-hawk on wikipedia.

It states: In most punk circles this hairstyle is frowned upon and considered a form of “selling out”, mainly because it allows the wearer to blend in with mainstream society when not gelled up, something that cannot be done with a true mohawk.

Now I’m walking around like a wannabe and a sellout.
Next up the No-hawk and the Skullet…

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  • lol July 13, 2008, 11:02 pm

    lmao are u gay?

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