February 2007

Life without love…

It completely floored me when Ruth Ewertt of Yonge Street Mission shared that from a survey she helped conduct that “if youth felt a sense of love or belonging at home, even with physical or sexual abuse, they most likely would not run away and end up homeless.” Everything in me tells me that I […]

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My little turd…

Stellar has a bib that says “Saturday” across it. Look carefully at what it says when the car seat straps are around her. It says “turd”! Someone else pointed this out at a baby shower party we were at. Here are some other pictures with her new friend Cayden.

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Leaders see people differently…

Leaders see people as they really are, as God’s workmanship crafted with a unique purpose in human history. Whether a believer or not, leaders see every human being as a reflection of the Creator, brimming with potential. Leaders look into people’s hearts and lives and help reveal to them their beauty and worth. What do […]

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Faux-hawk or Faux-pas

Many people have been commenting on my Faux-Hawk recently. To be quite honest, since I shaved my head, my hair just started growing back this way. I wake up, and there it is. I’ve never put any product in it. I didn’t even know what a faux-hawk was until people started pointing it out. Well, […]

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Ideas on Creativity…?

I’m teaching a series of classes of classes this March on “Experiencing God through the Creative Journey“. If anyone else has any ideas on creatively teaching creativity, whether it’s through biblical foundations, practical expressions, or corporate experiences that can be facilitated, I’d love to hear about them. The current session titles are: Creativity through the […]

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Ultra-Fine Dining at Susur’s

I couldn’t care less about Valentine’s day, but I sure do care about my wife. This year I went all out and took her to Susur. Susur Lee has a number of accolades including top ten chef in the world, with the number one restaurant in Toronto, and one of the top fifty in the […]

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Dysfunctional leadership…?

Christian leadership can often be a haven for dysfunctional people. Moral integrity is a primal baseline for leadership. Without an inward life that is whole and healthy, the act of leadership can often be merely an escape route. Leadership can become a way of avoiding issues of sin or even lead to unnecessary overcompensation in […]

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Caught in the act…

This is a repost from my old blog, but worth retelling. Several weeks ago my wife caught me in the act. I never thought I would do something like this, let alone have Yvz see me this way… One of the deciding factors in us purchasing a ps2 recently, was my wife’s obsession with the […]

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