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by Lon on January 12, 2007

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Here’s a thought of the week:

Could we create a church of missionaries that sends out so many people it ceases to exist?

Sweet links for the week

- The entire Passion ’07 event is available for viewing till midnight tonight. Speakers include John Piper, Beth Moore, Francis Chan, and of course Louie Giglio.

- A very interesting and humble response from John Piper on some ‘inappropriate’ language he used during the event.

- Free pdf download of Piper’s book When the darkness will not lift.

- Audio of NT Wright speaking in Toronto for the empireremixed in ’06

- NT Wright article on Mere Mission.

- A Canadian social networking site for mom’s. I feel a bit excluded as all the pregnancy/parenting sites seem to be geared only towards mothers.

- The Evolving Church Conference featuring Jim Wallis, Ron Sider, and Shane Claiborne will be held march 24th.

- Church for men…?

- Off-Road Disciplines book FREE for bloggers thanks djchuang

- and Sweet and sour pork flavored stamps!


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