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2007 goals…

2007 sparkle

Some goals for 2007

Family – spend lots of quality time with my two ladies. Become more and more a healthy and spiritual household of influence to our communities.

People – Consistently invest my time and resources into people – extended family, friends, maybe even some Christians

Ministry – I’ll be giving my time and energy for about a year to an yet-to-be-decided internship beginning this summer. If anyone has any good leads, recommendations, connections in the area that would fit a dude like me, please let me know.

Work – I’ve still got bills to pay. Hopefully the internship can be a payed one, but if not, I’ll definitely need to look into some new options. Starbucks is high on my list right now.

Network – I’ve had the aching sense the past year that I desperately need to connect with more people. I’m absolutely certain the dreams and visions I have on my heart are impossible on my own. I hope this year I can connect with more planters, pioneers, peers, heroes, mentors, and emerging leaders.

Club – as in join and be active in some type of non-ministry related club or group this year

Discover my voice by using it – There have been a few books on my mind that I’ve been wanting to write. I wasn’t planning on attempting to publish anything till my forties, but I feel the need to maybe get the process started sooner. I hope to be publishing more via the blog and speaking more as a baby-step towards this for the year.

If anyone has recommendations or suggestions with helping me along any of these goals, feel free to chime in!

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  • Rachel January 2, 2007, 12:59 pm

    Loved your Christmas pics. Looking forward to seeing your dreams unfold!

  • Adam Walker Cleaveland January 3, 2007, 10:06 pm

    sorry i didn’t see your email here so i thought i’d just leave a comment.

    is there any chance you could change my link on your blog from cleave.blogs.com to pomomusings.com? thanks!

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