January 2007

Leaders need community

Leaders must feel that they need the community, as much as the community needs them. Leaders must have the humility to acknowledge that they too are human beings with an intrinsic longing for community and belonging. Leaders need to allow others to speak into their lives and say the things that they may not be […]

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Too much communion juice…

Actually, it’s “gentian violet”, for treating any possible infections. It doesn’t come off for a couple days. We ended up calling Stellar names like little hobo, drunk, and sailor, during that time. Here’s some other hilarious photos of babies with the purple beard on flickr.

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Living someone else’s dream…

Last night Yvz was watching something on tv, where they were interviewing kids in the ghetto. The reporter asked one kid – “What do you want to do when you grow up?” boy resonds – “become a CEO” the reporter is a bit shocked and says – “become a CEO of what?” the boy then […]

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Your life is brilliant…

I never explained one of the items in my Lon-gerie fashion line earlier. A while back I had wrote on my MSN messenger tag “My life is brilliant”, inspired by the first line in the James blunt song ‘You’re beautiful”. Someone wrote to me and said how it was so typical of me, and how […]

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Thank you…

Thanks for reading my daddy’s blog! Thank you for hearing his thoughts, commenting, interacting, and sharing your own life through this little space on the web! After averaging a couple thousand unique visitors a month, my mommy and daddy (who both aren’t working) have made a whopping $12 the past two months through google adsense! […]

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Canada verus the U.S.

For five years I’ve waited and asked the administration for a church planting course at Tyndale Seminary. It still hasn’t happened. Church planting courses are in our academic calendar, but they haven’t been offered supposedly due to a lack of interest. This semester I decided to enroll as a visiting student to Heritage Seminary for […]

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Immortal longings…

Shakespeare wrote: “I have immortal longings in me”. Don’t we all?

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Some final thoughts of preaching in a postmodern world

See the last three posts if you’re still catching up. Some people say ‘preaching is dead’. I often think so as well, but I still believe our post-Christian culture opens new opportunities for the ‘preacher’ today. Postmodernity blurs the lines between everything – fact and fiction, on and offline, news and entertainment. Although there are […]

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