Facebook Exegesis…

I committed an hour or two yesterday to international facebook day. It’s amazing the level of connectivity we have today, like no other point in history. Facebook offers some interesting ‘stats’ on the networks that you’re a part of. Missiologists often speak of how we must not only exegete the Scriptures but our culture as […]

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The Starfish Manifesto

Since posting earlier on Wolfgang Simson’s Houses that change the world, I’ve began reading the follow-up, or big-brother, of that book titled the Starfish Manifesto. A few interesting thoughts so far… On the church entering Babylonian Captivity… the Holy Spirit is no longer the driving force of the Church, Mammon is. Part of this captivity […]

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Advent / Christmas

Key ideas from my talk this Christmas at Mosaic We wait and anticipate – Our coming King Though we wait, we celebrate – God who stepped into human history as Jesus And as we celebrate, we incarnate – We follow Jesus in being his hands, feet, and voice in this world

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International Facebook Day

Since I’ve joined facebook, I’ve been horrible with making the most of the connections I’ve established through it. I’m backlogged in replies, and friends I haven’t spoken to in fifteen years, well, I still haven’t connected with them, though we’re now ‘official’ as friends. I declare this Sunday December 30th International Facebook Day. I’m going […]

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Stories of Redemption…

Three stories I’ve read online in the past week have made it into my real-world conversations. Check out: Strangely Beautiful by Deana as she shares about her ‘dysfunctional family’ Cindy Beall shares her story in five short blog entries/chapters on the day her life completely changed and oddly, Alan’s post on the toronto blizzard that […]

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas folks. For those of you who follow Jesus, maybe rather than telling people the reason for the season, or putting Christ back in to Christmas, maybe we can try putting Christ back into Christian this year.

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The Story of Stuff…

Go to this site to check out this viral video on “The Story of Stuff“.  It’s about 20 minutes long but communicates the key messages of extraction, production, distribution, consumption, and disposal with brilliant simplicity. Below is one of my favorite segments of the video, I’d love to hear what you are or or plan […]

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This week in food

1. Baked Salmon and tomatoes on a bed of bacon risotto 2. Carrot and onion soup – pureed together with crouton and yogurt garnish 3. Green onion and asparagus wrapped in sole and baked 4. Grilled chicken on Ceasar Salad 5. Local grown organic steak from the St. Lawrence Market / pan-seared and gently baked […]

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