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Focus issues…

I’ve got focus issues. I’m serious. Our small group did a test for A.D.D. earlier this week, and every single one of us are categorically A.D.D. We were so restless we couldn’t even finish the test!

The mere moments I’m focused, I gun straight through things, and am fairly effective. Maybe I’m overly relying on my abilities? But this is something I really need to deal with.

It often takes me at least a couple hours before I can get to a level of productivity. Quite often I’ll clean around the house, Make sure I’m on top of my news/blogs, optimize my desk, do my budget, scribble my daughter’s ‘secret’ name, exercise, eat, anything but do the one thing I need to do at the moment.

Now I know many are like this, but I really need to get my act together. My pace of life is excellent, I’m definitely not doing too little or too much in my life. Over the years I’ve found a good balance of work and rest, but it frustrates me every time I set out to do certain things and take forever just to get started. I feel like I’m leaving time on the table and mockery of the moments I’ve been blessed with.

People tell me all the time how amazing it is the amount I seem to accomplish. I don’t believe this is true in comparison to what I’ve been blessed with. I find most of these focus issues are usually tied to school work and non-urgent tasks. However with the baby coming and the pressure of ministry increasing, I really need to stop squandering my moments and maximizing what I’ve been given.

If everyone’s got any life-transforming tips in this area, I’ll take it. Please help. Now to get back to my paper.

oh look, I just found a few more mp3’s and videos to add to the Erwin McManus and Rob Bell resources. Okay, now back to work, really.

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