November 2006

Sweet Links…

Here’s my latest round of sweet-links. Video by did an excellent video interview with Rob Bell, asking tough questions on how the church really started, emergent labels, and not becoming Ted Haggard. Hosted by here. Also here’s a link to the entire Mastering the Art of Living series by Rob Bell. I’m not […]

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Acts 29 / Mars Hill Resources

Acts 29 is a church planting network that was founded by Mars Hill Seattle and helps plant churches that plant churches. It is a resource I draw on that I would say is very different from the Mosaic movement and Mars Hill Michigan. In fact Mars Hill Seattle would probably enjoy a street fight with […]

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Mosaic Ottawa blueprint…

In the middle of taking a break from writing papers in the library today, I did a bit of dreaming and scheming for the future church plant. Inspired by the leadership synergy diagram from origins, I decided to flip it around and plot out some values of what I’ve been imagining. It’s been on my […]

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Darth Maul?

Here’s a photo of me during Halloween. Yvz painted my face to look like a zebra with the mohawk, but after playing around with the saturation in picasa I thought I looked a bit a Darth Maulish. You can get Google Picasa free with the link near the bottom of my sidebar.

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Focus issues…

I’ve got focus issues. I’m serious. Our small group did a test for A.D.D. earlier this week, and every single one of us are categorically A.D.D. We were so restless we couldn’t even finish the test! The mere moments I’m focused, I gun straight through things, and am fairly effective. Maybe I’m overly relying on […]

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Rob Bell Resources

To follow up the Mosaic Movement Resources as promised, here’s some articles, audio’s and video’s for you Rob Bell fans. I’ve been downloading all of their sermons since back in 2002, but again, to be on the safe side, all links here are just what’s currently available on the web. *Note, I only link to […]

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Street walk through Toronto

Friday night Jake, Isabelle and I roamed the downtown core of Toronto for our youth-at-risk class. We checked out some drop-in centers (Sketch, The Gateway, Seaton House, Sanctuary), Gay bars (Woody’s, Sailor’s, Churchmouse & Firkin), Other hang outs like Bovine Sex Club, Allan Gardens, The Falls, Hooker-Harveys, Boys town, and other nooks and crannies. These […]

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I’ve been anti-brand name for most of my life, especially when it comes to clothing. I’ve always felt that brands were just another way of outsourcing our creativity. We spend those extra dollars in exchange for some sense of assurance, that at least someone out there says it’s okay, normal, legit, fits-in, acceptable, etc. I’ve […]

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