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Unconditional love…?

Rick Tobias, CEO of Yonge Street Mission in downtown Toronto, teaches my Youth at Risk class.

Rick stated that “We abandon our kids when they abandon our values. Whether they are gay or chemically dependent, they are still our children and worthy of our love.”

How easy is it for us to withdraw our love when people disagree with our values? When those we pour our lives into don’t adopt the things we treasure most, why is it that our love for them as human beings is often the first thing that goes?

Many youth on the streets today likely have a physical home in which to return, but the one thing they need most, unconditional love, is nowhere to be found there. The reality is we go where we are most loved, and as bad as it may be on the streets, children are finding more love and acceptance there, than in the warmth of their own homes.

My first child is on her way in eight weeks. I have no idea what she will be like, but I know that I would already give my life for her. I love her right now, not because of her values or capabilities, or even her character, but simply because God blessed me with her. I suspect that I will need to continually remind myself of this for the journey ahead.

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