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Mosaic Movement Resources

This is a collection of resources related to the Mosaic movement out of L.A. It has been a tremendous impact on my life and my visions for church planting.

* See also a listing of Rob Bell & Mars Hill resources.

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Notes, Articles & Interviews
Audio Resources
Video Resources
Mosaic Affiliate Sites

I’ve got a bunch of other resources (CD’s, DVD’s, etc.) that I’ve bought over the years, that I’m tempted to put up, but I don’t want to infringe on any copyright issues. If you’re in the area, you’re more than welcome to borrow them off of me. All the resources here are just what’s readily available on the web. I’ll try to keep this post updated as I stumble across things. Let me know if you’re aware of others.

Here’s a snap of my wife and I as we visit Mosaic LA (at the previous night club) and connect for a moment with Erwin Raphael McManus

Mosaic Collage


HardMusic exclusive interview with Erwin McManus
Erwin McManus on Outreach
Notes from Erwin McManus talk at catalyst west 2010
Scribble live group notes on Unleashing Beauty with Dave Gibbons and Erwin McManus
Notes on Erwin McManus talk at National leadership forum
Great notes from a discussion between Erwin McManus and Dave Gibbons
Interview with Erwin on Hot and sweaty pastor Nov/08
Article on the journey of Erwin McManus
The Ooze Article – Erwin on film and storytelling
Article on Catalyst by Eric Bryant on “The art of woo
Article by Erwin McManus on Focusing on Mission 2007
Article on the meaning of emerging by Erwin McManus June 2007
Interview with Erwin McManus on Swimming Upstream 2007
Article by Erwin McManus on being broken and fragmented 2007
Dancing from the pulpit – Article on Mosaic
Article on Comfortable Christianity and Mosaic
Notes from Humana 2.0 here, here, here, here, here, and here.
For a limited time only – preview articles and interviews from the Mosaic Alliance for free.
Interview with Erwin McManus on Infuze 2006
on whether Mosaic and Bethel are part of the ’emerging church’ by Alex McManus 2006
Article on the history and culture of mosaic through an Asian American lens
and another article on Erwin McManus at Catalyst 2005
about Erwin McManus and Creativity 2005
Interview with Erwin McManus on thinking differently
with Erwin by La Bodega 2004
Response article to me from Mosaic insider Soundchick 2004 part 1 and 2
Article on wholeness by Erwin McManus
Article on friendship by Erwin McManus
Article on a cause-driven church by Erwin McManus
Article and video by fresh ministry on postmodern ministry
Article in Relevant Magazine on Erwin McManus’ Barbarian Way
Alex McManus on pray247 interview
Article on Origins 2004, Recap on Origins 2005, Origins 2006 notes
Outline of Emerging Leaders program offered at Bethel
Article on An Unstoppable Force
Article on Mosaic and a vision for the world
Article on Ethos
Blogs of interns at Mosaic, here, here, and here.
Mosaic Navigator Eric Bryant’s blog , Eric’s latest blog.


Weekly podcasts
Lots of great teleseminars by Eric Bryant with the Origins Project cast
Erwin McManus talk at Evangelical leaders forum 04/2010
SEU Leadership Forum 2010 message by Erwin McManus
Alex McManus on blog talk radio – currently discussing ‘strengths’
Exponentional Network 2009 podcast interview with Erwin McManus
Mosaic Life in Christ Talk: Erwin on Discipleship
Talks and interviews by Eric Bryant with McManus and friends.
Interview with Erwin on Christian Work at Home Moms
Erwin McManus session at Riverview church’s Big Weekend
Eric Bryant on Raising up leaders in Zurich
Radio Interview of Erwin McManus by Rodney Olson 2007
Erwin McManus at Upper Room Community on Chasing Daylight
James Robinson interviewing Erwin McManus on Soul Cravings and Uprising
Off the hook message on prayer by Erwin McManus
Jon Gordon story part 2 at Mosaic
Erwin McManus sharing about Jon Gordon deciding to follow Jesus
Rick Warren’s Podcast innovation interviewing Erwin McManus, Eric Bryant & Ralph Neighbor
Erwin McManus on Beauty Beauty at Mozaiek May 2007
Erwin McManus speaking at NewSong on Unmasking Mexico 2007
Interview here with Erwin McManus on the Drew Marshall show 2007
mp3 of Erwin McManus and a Buddhist on life purpose at Veritas 2006
California Baptist Seminary Chapel podcast with Erwin McManus
Erwin McManus at Mosaiek Church – A revolutoin of the soul A revolution of the soul
Alex McManus on a hitch hiker’s guide to the galaxy a hitch hiker’s guide to the galaxy @ Kensington 2006
Catalyst Interview Catalyst Interview with Erwin McManus 2006
Archived Podcast of Erwin McManus on Leadership
Making space for strange things to happen 2005
Erwin McManus Chapel @ California Baptist University 2005
Mosaic Leadership Advance Leadership Advance Message 2005
Erwin McManus – Prepare for Impact Prepare for Impact 2005
Erwin McManus The future has arrived @ Richland Hills Church 2004
C&MA 2004 Council Session 1 and Session 2 by Erwin McManus (both messages are on the second half of the mp3)
Parable of the Talents Parable of the talents by Erwin McManus @ Rock Harbour 2002
Audio sermons by Erwin McManus on Meaning, Community and Destiny
The Great Commission and Discipleship The great commission and discipleship by Erwin McManus @ Woodland Hills 2002
Erwin on The Fingerprint of God The Fingerprint of God @ The Veritas Forum 2001
Erwin on The Character Matrix Character Matrix @ The Veritas Forum 1999
Odeo – Seems to keep the last 10 or so messages archived from the podcast in case you missed any.


Documentary of Erwin McManus & Family in Dallas Church plant

Soul Cravings Documentary from McManus Studios

MosaicLA youtube channel
Erwin discusses mission with the Origins Project team
Erwin McManus & Joyce Meyer ? On going against the grain.
Erwin speaking at cedarcreek
DreamLab Videos by Awaken
Erwin McManus on the Mosaic Alliance
Life Today interviews Erwin McManus on WideAwake
Erwin McManus & Eric Bryant at the first IdeaCamp
Several video clips of Erwin from rightnow.org
Erwin McManus on the most important thing to God
Erwin McManus on TBN
James Robinson interviewing Erwin McManus on Soul Cravings and Uprising
Willow Creek Arts 2007 Scribble highlights
Erwin McManus interviewing David Arcos Part1 and Part2
Erwin McManus clip at Catalyst Conference 2006
Over 20 video clips interviewing Erwin McManus on videovine including:
The Biblical Model is to Disciple Unbelievers
Communicating the Human Struggle in a Postmodern Context
What one thing would you say to non-Christians?
Small Groups and House Churches in a Postmodern Context
Relevant Churches Transform Communities
Eric Bryant’s Executive Artiste video on youtube
Collection of Mosaic YouTube videos
A silly clip of the Mosaic five core values
Erwin McManus clip on taking one more step of faith
Quicktime video of Erwin McManus and a Buddhist on life purpose at Veritas
5 Messages by Erwin McManus in Korea on CGNTV 2006
Mosaic on CNN 2006
Mosaic dance clip during service
Television Evangelist Mosaic Rap video 2006
Chasing Daylight trailer from BlueFishTV
Alex McManus at APU Chapel 2005
100 Huntley Street interview of Erwin McManus2005
Awesome clips from UrbanPoets four video clips
Excellent Mosaic 2004 Recap Video
Erwin McManus Chapel 4 @ APU 2004
Erwin McManus Chapel 3 @ APU 2004
Excellent message by Erwin McManus summarizing Seizing your Divine Moment at Willow
Clips 1, 2, 3, 4 from Barbarian Way @ WillowCreek 2003
The Barbarian Way by Erwin McManus at Willow (not the famous Leadership summit one)
100 Huntely Street interview on Creativity and Spirituality 2003
Erwin McManus Chapel 2 @ APU 2003
Montage of Erwin McManus on Heroes 2003
Erwin McManus Chapel @ APU 2001
Erwin on The Fingerprint of God @ The Veritas Forum 2001
Erwin on Character Matrix @ The Veritas Forum 1999


awaken humanity AwakenHumanity.org

origins TheOriginsProject.org

erwin mcmanus ErwinMcManus.com

yelo Yelo.AwakenHumanity.org

mosaic Mosaic.org

podcast Mosaic.org/podcast

imn Int’l Mentoring Network
McManus Studios
Temple Bags
Boy and Rocket
Compass Films
McManus Studios on Vimeo







Eric Bryant Site / Blog

Ralph Neighbor III blog
Awaken 2008 Conference site – With Erwin McManus, Bill Hybels, Nancy Beach, Wayne Cordeiro, Nancy Orberg, Mark Batterson, Dan Kimball, Lee Strobel, Mark Mittelberg, and Dr. Henry Cloud, as in, who’s not there?

WideAwake Book Club

Mosaic LA film festival

Relational Intelligence – free assessment

Unleashing Beauty – Newsong and Mosaic leadership convergence

The Awaken Group

Mosaic LA twitter feed
Erwin McManus on twitter
Eric Bryant on twitter

Power to Change / Crave

Wide Awake Films


Soul Cravings pre-quel book by Erwin McManus w/ Power to change
Relational Intelligence by Steve Saccone
Soul Cravings / leader kit
Barbarian Way
Chasing Daylight
Stand Against the Wind
An Unstoppable Force
A Mosaic of Believers: Diversity and Innovation in a Multiethnic Church
by Gerardo Marti
Peppermint Filled Pinatas: Breaking Through Tolerance and Embracing Love” by Eric Bryant
Not like me by Eric Bryant (I’m a contributor in this one as well!)

Here’s an image to just sit and think about..

Origins synergy chart
Google co-op site searching Mosaic-related content

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  • Sam. October 25, 2006, 11:05 am

    Thanks for posting all that Lon!

  • tony sheng October 25, 2006, 11:31 am

    wow – the mother load!

    hey, are you going to be a humana2.0?

  • obahsomah October 25, 2006, 11:51 pm

    seriously the mother load! i’ll have to get to work del.icio.us’ing all of this!

  • Lon October 26, 2006, 8:33 am

    hey all, I’m always glad to share! Tony, Humana’s contingent on how things go with the baby, so we’re holding off on that decision for now. Origins in LA could be likely if not Humana!

  • tony sheng October 26, 2006, 8:44 am

    ah.. i thought of that a few hours after i posted that question. wise decision my friend. hey, if things go well, im sure minnie mouse AND all of us going to Humana2.0 would love to meet your new baby!

  • Dave Kludt October 26, 2006, 9:32 am

    Thanks for posting all these resources, Lon! I would never have been able to find them all on my own!

  • Patrick Voo October 26, 2006, 2:12 pm

    Lon, this is too good. I’d found some of them, but certainly not all of them. And one of these days I’m going to be busting down your door to borrow your copy of the Origins Conference (or maybe I’ll buy it myself at Humana or something). Seriously, thanks dude – sharing these media links is evidence of your servant heart.

  • eric December 17, 2006, 1:27 pm

    Thanks Lon for posting all of these great resources.

  • Eric Bryant January 15, 2007, 1:17 pm

    Thanks for spreading the word about these ways we are trying to serve church leaders!



  • stittanlig September 16, 2007, 6:57 am

    voi generato stupore luogo 🙂
    Qualcuno qui volonta come a studio corso ecdl .
    Fotografia ballatoio moc docenti sulla corsi di formazione del istituito argomento webmaster formare fare iscriverti misura l piloti il di informazione l via giovani in alla cilea dossier corsi di formazione codice.
    Mmm.. Noi desideri raccolta sconosciuto risorse dove presenti corsi a distanza.
    Puo essere colto poco ..

  • vitali June 2, 2008, 11:21 am

    Where can i find old podcasts or sermons from Mosaic? I’ve sent a message on their website and did not get any responce, can anyone here give me a suggestion? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lon June 3, 2008, 8:02 am

    Hey vitali – if you go to the resources page on http://www.awaken.org older messages are available for purchase.

  • kevin September 17, 2010, 6:04 pm

    humana is in detroit in October 2010. Thanks for the links very comprehensive.

    • Lon September 18, 2010, 1:42 pm

      thanks, I’ll actually be there – yourself?

  • Corey Evans June 19, 2011, 9:56 pm

    My name is Corey Evans, the Men’s Fraternity at my Church is looking for a newer copy/ not as beat up as ours 🙂 wanted to know if anyone has the access tone. Mosaic no longer makes them. Let me know if there is anyone out there, I can provide documentation showing our right to show the DVD. Thanks Corey

  • Corey Evans June 19, 2011, 10:00 pm

    In reference to my post above we are looking for The Barbarian Way

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