October 2006

Quick hide! There’s scary people outside…

It always saddens me when I see Christians in a docile, defensive position; just trying to hold on to what they’ve got, while they ride out the storm. I think this is especially true of Halloween tonight. Probably more than any other night, Christians across North America are turning their lights out and hunkering down […]

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Our baby has arrived…

Introducing… STELLAR VOXANNA Stellar was born at six pounds and eight ounces to two incredibly ecstatic parents! For those of you who are wondering, Stellar means that which pertains to the stars, or to be star-like. When we say our daughter’s name it is loaded with significance. For us, Stellar means… …the stars that shine […]

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Excellent insight from InsideGoogle, definitely helps justify any bit of workaholism I have… Googler Niniane Wang is vacationing in Egypt, but she had enough time to blog this exchange, which resulted when a traveling companion was typing away on his Sidekick, instead of enjoying the vacation. Me: [after some silence] Do you think Google does […]

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Mosaic Movement Resources

This is a collection of resources related to the Mosaic movement out of L.A. It has been a tremendous impact on my life and my visions for church planting. * See also a listing of Rob Bell & Mars Hill resources. * Feel free to also send some social media love with the links & […]

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Busy and beautiful…

Life’s been busy and beautiful. I’ve been trying to stay at least 3-4 weeks ahead of school in anticipation of our baby, and I think I’m actually on track. Our doctor charges $10 to print out an ultrasound picture, so Yvz and I decided to just bring our camera in and take our own pictures! […]

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Short-term missions…

…is the Crack-Cocaine of this generation of Christians. (posted around my seminary currently)

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What’s catching my eye…

I’m still in shock that this girl I met six years ago, is pregnant with my first child. This is us at Urbana 2000. It’s on again this year in St. Louis! I’m linked as a “Maker of Fire” on the Fight4humanity.com site, way cool. Join Erwin and Alex McManus at Humana 2.0 The Canadian […]

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Unconditional love…?

Rick Tobias, CEO of Yonge Street Mission in downtown Toronto, teaches my Youth at Risk class. Rick stated that “We abandon our kids when they abandon our values. Whether they are gay or chemically dependent, they are still our children and worthy of our love.” How easy is it for us to withdraw our love […]

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