September 2006

The movie “Kids”…

One of the 8 papers I wrote in the past 2 weeks was a reflection exercise for my “Youth at Risk” course on the movie “Kids“. If you haven’t seen this, it’s as close to child pornography as it gets. People actually wrote letters to our seminary president to not allow our prof. to show […]

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thoughts of the week…

Been totally drained, finally settling back into some level of functional normalcy today. – monday I had classes from 8:30am-9:30pm. Arrived in Ottawa near 2am. – Woke up at 6am to make it to Montreal for the IMN regional 9am-5pm. Drove back to Ottawa by 8pm. Crashed after hanging with Andrew & Lisa at midnight. […]

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Makers of Fire…

I’m heading to Montreal monday night after class for a regional meeting with the IMN team. Last call if anyone from Toronto wants to head down there with me. You can register to here and shave $20 bucks off the at-the-door tuition costs. Finished 3 papers this week. Plenty more ahead. The weekend’s been just […]

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Failure… when your best just isn’t good enough

So things didn’t work out this week. Last week I was reading a book, and it was talking about how “success in God’s eyes is defined by faithfulness”. I shared this with my wife, and half-jokingly said, only ‘losers’ say this. The truth is, I do take some solace in this. God looks to the […]

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First week of seminary…

After four years of taking part-time classes, I’ve finally taken a much anticipated step of entering full-time studies. It was difficult integrating with the community as strictly a night student because those classes by nature were always over-sized with predominantly other students who worked full-time like I did and were in and out with our […]

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An excellent question…

A while back, I was corresponding with Jack Popjes (With Wycliffe Canada, who spent a bulk of his life as a missionary in Brazil), and discussing my future. He asked me a fantastic question that I ask myself every year. Where would you honestly put yourself right now on a scale from 1 to 10. […]

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For the geeks…

If you’ve been using skype for free long distance this year, check out Hullo. It’s much like the Avaya, which I use to use at work. You type the number via the client, it calls you locally, then calls your other party locally, and the conferences you together, phone to phone, for free! For those […]

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Rampant reading…

With the time off and in an attempt to get ahead of school before the baby comes, i’ve devoured several books the past few weeks. Working the Angles – Eugene Peterson Confessions of a Reformission Rev. – Mark Driscoll Getting to Yes – Roger Fisher The Story we find ourselves in – Brian McLaren From […]

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