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I’m adding a new category to my vox called ‘confessions’.

I think there’s something liberating about confessing. Just as the scriptures call for us to confess our sins, and as Peter confessed that Christ was the Son of the living God, I believe that confession is something that is raw and profound.

I love writing and teaching and discussing, but there’s something to be said about simple confessions. Maybe in doing so, we come one step closer to who we really are. Maybe in the midst of it, we discover the person God’s always seen and still continues to embrace.

Here’s one.

“If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful at all.” ~ Michelangelo.

I’m not sure what context Michelangelo said this, but it resonates with me deeply. I tend to make things look easy. I wish raw talent just naturally flowed from me, but anything worthwhile I’ve ever done, has usually been a result of a painstaking amount of work.

I often sleep less than most people, just to get done what regular people do in a normal day. My superman complex brushes off any effort as if it were nothing. Though seemingly humble, I’ve found what it really does, is set unrealistic standards for others, and devalues and belittles any effort they make.

and yet the Creator of the universe still embraces me.

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