July 2006

Another confession…

There’s a couple of ‘girly shows’ that I’ve had a craving for recently. Here it goes… Dawson’s creek and Party of Five. I missed the last few seasons of Dawson’s Creek and the early seasons of Party of Five. If anyone has them on DVD it’d go a long way in quenching this gnawing temptation. […]

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I’m adding a new category to my vox called ‘confessions’. I think there’s something liberating about confessing. Just as the scriptures call for us to confess our sins, and as Peter confessed that Christ was the Son of the living God, I believe that confession is something that is raw and profound. I love writing […]

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Free zooomr pro account

VOXers – I posted a while back about Zooomr, a photos hosting site like flickr but considerably slickr… v2 of it just relaunched and right now bloggers can get a free pro account offering 2.5 GB of uploads per month! Instructions are here. It just involves posting a single picture on your site like I […]

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A call to sexual purity…

Inspired by a recent article in Relevant Magazine by Flowerdust, I’ve decided to post up this note I wrote after an unexpected and profound experience at an event several years ago. “Looking back, I was too consumed to comprehend all that was happening as we laid hands and prayed that Sunday night. Although I did […]

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What have we done…?

If you have ten minutes today, watch/listen to this photo essay on Chernobyl. Feel free to share what it made you think or feel.

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And so I handed in my resignation letter…

It’s been four years since I graduated and began working at IBM and it’s been 4 years since I’ve known that this is the summer I’ll be leaving it all behind. Much praying and planning has went into this journey. I recently extended my thirty year plan into a sixty year plan… just in case […]

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So much to say…

Lately, I’ve had so much to say, and so little time. I don’t know where to start. For now, here’s a picture that my buddy and former room-mate Brian made of us years back. It’s Lon vs. Brian in Face Off. Ever feel like you had to be someone else in order to accomplish your […]

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