April 2006

The world is flat and invisible children…

I just finished my last paper for the term, and it looks like there’s no appropriate classes I can take in the summer, so I’ve got a couple months of living and working like a normal person. I’ve gotten back on reading. Currently going through “The divine conspiracy“, “The secret message Jesus“, and I just […]

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Our small group just had it’s first baby. Chris & Sharon just gave birth to Caleb. what a great name… Caleb was one of the spies who explored the Promise Land, but because the Israelites didn’t listen to his advice, they ended up wandering aimlessly for fourty years inthe desert. In Joshua 14, Caleb is […]

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From the tomb…

On the front page of the Toronto Star newspaper today was an essay by James Loney. He was abducted in Iraq by Islamic militants and held hostage for three months and shares his life-altering experience. Full article here. I felt the below excerpt was deeply profound: I am learning many things from my captivity, and […]

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google calendar

I’ve been waiting forever for this. finally just got in the beta. try logging in with you gmail at www.google.com/cl2 there’s a couple bugs still and not all features are enabled yet, but just an update on how much I love this already, here’s a screenshot of my current month. What I love are the […]

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Hot stuff…

Head down in another paper again… but here’s some hot stuff I’ve stumbled upon while constructively avoiding school work. Mosaic’s began video podcasting! Windows will run on Mac‘s now. Zooomr – Like flickr but seems even slickr. Criswell Theological Review is now available. Articles from both Mclaren and Driscoll on the emerging church. “Under the […]

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