February 2006

Hope is what the mission offers…

I think we were made to shine. There are colors and nuances yet to be exposed in all of us. We hide ourselves to fit into the darkness that has wrapped around this world, but every now and then light reflects off our surfaces and the beauty we were created with is revealed. My father […]

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The mission is motivated by love…

My community of people who are unlike myself. I’ve been leading a small community of spiritual seekers the last year. My wife and I are the only Christ-commited followers in this incredibly diverse group. Black, white, european, asian, ex-catholic, hindu, new-age, atheist color the community. Yvz and I look forward to this gathering every single […]

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Every person is called to be on mission…

I’ve lost track of how many people that I’ve encountered who think that life is just about being a christian, or a good citizen, or worse yet just getting by. One of those people was me. People have said to my face that I was a waste of potential growing up, but I didn’t mind […]

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God is the ultimate missionary…

Inspired by Sam’s mosaic values discussion, i’ll be posting some missional values i wrote up a while back. I’ll be using trackback’s for the first time and posting in chunk the next few days as Parke suggests. They way they’re written up is not in stone, but the convictions behind them are very foundational to […]

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Running Free…

I’ve always loved the message of freedom and running wild found in the Scriptures, but there’s something also to be said about the trials and disciplines that lead to that life-transforming freedom that we sometimes neglect to mention. A couple quotes from the book: The transformation of our character is more revolution than reformation. It […]

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Valentines for the homeless

For Valentines, Yvz and I celebrated, by getting our small group downtown to connect with the homeless in our city. We split into three teams and gave out some quality sandwiches, brand-spanking new socks, drinks, snacks and roses. I thought the roses would be an interesting idea, but only managed to give out a few […]

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Stand against the wind…

I got and finished reading Erwin’s latest, Stand against the wind, it appears a day before it’s officially released. It’s a re-package of Uprising, flashier and in smaller chunks. I can see why it’s geared toward the 18-35 market. I like uprising and the experience guide more, but still, I think i’ll spend sometime commenting […]

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Change or die…

I just got back from seeing the dentist. I don’t floss. Other than the moment before I head to the dental office. It’s painful every time. Especially since I’ve got an aversion to all things metal (I try to eat with plastic cutlery whenever possible). Everytime I go they remind me to floss, and everytime […]

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