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Pouring sunlight on the streets…

Check out the size of those onion rings.

This Christmas I wrote my beautiful wife a little song. It’s partially about how I have to drag her out of bed every morning (literally by the feet as she hangs onto the pillows).

I’ll even disclose myself further and share the mp3 i just made of it. One-shot, unedited, with the only strumming pattern i know. Guess which popular song of 2005 i got most of the tune from…

Hey princess, wake up,
I know how it feels good in the dark.
You hide yourself, but there’s so much light locked in that heart

I pull you out, so you can shine,
I lift you up, for the world to see.
You have no idea how lovely you can be…

You don’t have to be the best
It’s okay if you’re a mess
Just share your soul with me
We’ll spend our days, pouring sunlight on the streets

I know, it gets hard,
Being daylight, in the dark,
But don’t you cover up now, your beauty’s breaking through…

And when nothing works out right
And darkness clouds your way
I’ll lift you back up high
We’ll spend our days, pouring sunlight on the streets

mp3 temporarily available for here.

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  • Beast January 13, 2006, 3:00 am

    must you melt everyone’s heart! hahaha… beautiful. beautiful.

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