January 2006

Train ride to Montreal…

I decided to take the ViaRail (the train that connects across Canada) for my business trip to Montreal this week. There’s wi-fi acccess onboard and the image of the voxtropolis login screen with the train station came to mind. It’s amazing what humans have done to stay connected. There is something about being on a […]

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I’m not sure why this image stirs me…

Whatever you think of Joyce Meyer (one of our top 50’s in my previous post), she helped rally 40,000 people across India to pray and reflect on Christ. Â I’m a minority myself, attending an ethnic church, yet something wierd inside of me still thinks ‘wow, they worship our Lord too’… I absolutely believe the […]

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Most influential Christians…

The church report’s released their annual top fifty again… Although it always piques my interest and there are plenty of people i respect on this list, it always distrubs me to think that there are followers of Jesus spending their time doing this. And how does Dr. Phil keep making this list?

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Jesus, the skinny white model…

A few articles i’ve stumbled upon recently. Article from the American Spectator thinks that 2006 might be the worst year for Jesus since 33 A.D. with reports that he was a stoner and the release of the Da Vinci Code movie. In Italy, someone’s taking Jesus to court. He’s being charged with impersonation! The above […]

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Features of apostolic churches

Dr. George Hunter III in Church for the unchurched, has listed ten features of apostolic congregations 1. They take a redundant approach to rooting believers and seekers into Scriptures. 2. They are disciplined and earnest in prayer, and they expect to experience God’s actions and response. 3. Compassion for the lost and un-churched is non-negotiable. […]

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I’ve been waiting for ages to find a new home for my reflections… and looks like here it is. It’ll be a while before i fully transition… (I’m waiting for the blogger->voxtropolis migration tool) as for now i’ll just be fiddling with features with random posts. Until then see A Disciple’s Journal for the archives. […]

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I’m moving to Voxtropolis…

I’m part of the Voxtropolis (City of voices) beta community that Alex McManus and company have put together… i’ll be transitioning my reflections there in the coming months as the kinks get worked out. As for now, here are the latest pics from my amazing little faith community.

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Hello world!

Welcome to Voxtropolis.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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